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Oct 2, 2012 9:00pm PDT
says he did it to collect the 200,000 dollars policy. john has the story. >>reporter: lawyers say what you are about to see either multi-million dollar disaster or elaborate fraud. 2006 vehicle one of hundreds made and worth a cool million driving down highway near houston, texas three years ago. videotaped by car enthusiast driving nearby. >> that will be mine one day. reporter: ut of nowhe. oh. this is now at the center of insurance fraud case to begin later this month. at the time of the accident the driver told police he dropped the phone. when he looked up he says he saw a pelican and veered to the right straight into the salt water marsh. >> it was about 2 and a hal footeep out ere. the ner s snding re on e sde the roaeal lm and everythi. >>porter: 3 week bere the accident thehiladelphia insurance company issued a tw two.two million dollar policy on the car. now court documents says house committed fraud. now infamous video show no, sir pelican and attempt by house to brake. saying instead he quote intentionally drove the vehicle into the lagoon to destroy the car an
Oct 3, 2012 9:00pm PDT
given months ago. >> oakland attorney john burris is representing the family in the wrongful death suit against the it city and says the police report provides some basic information but also raises more questions than it answers. >> a number of witnesses did not see the young man point a gun at the officers. a number of them do not even see a gun. >> reporter: burris admits the report states there are those that did see a gun on bluford but that is in direct contradiction to other witnesses that said bluford never fired a weapon. >> i'm trying to help them understand the circumstances surrounding their son's death. >> reporter: all this comes as opd is under federal scrutiny for ignoring court ordered reforms after the police abuse settlement ten years ago. to see the full report on the bluford case g to in okland, nicsittg, abc 7 ne. > a mirialas been deared in e feralrial of a formersan francisco crime latechnician accused of stealing drug evidence. she could face a possible retrial after the jury was unable to reach a verdict. jurors agreed that she took cocaine from the la
Oct 4, 2012 9:00pm PDT
. >>reporter: but today the message was about unity among catholics. these young students from saint john school say they are positive about their church. >> from what i ow i think people are going to be a little more interted. >> our community will take a bigger step in respecting and paying for things. >>reporter: his first service will take place this sunday in east palo alto at church that according to the archdiocese has many latino immigrant. in san francisco, lee ann, bc 7 news. >>> n fr contra sta county hadied fm rabies ofcials sathe 34-year-d was tten ba ba in late march. he died july 31. we expect more information on this at news conference scheduled for tomorrow. >>> state parole board panel recommending parole for charles manson follower. imprisoned for 40 years. bruce davis convicted with manson and 2 murder unrelited to the infamous sharon tate murders in 1969 this was the 27th of parole hearing. davis turns 70 tomorrow. >>> oakland police chief is asking for more help from the public tonight to stop the rising murder rate in the city and his plea comes at the same ti
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3